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When I joined Manifesto in September, I was swiftly given a project with very tight timelines and slightly unclear goals. Having stepped off the public sector treadmill working on high-profile projects for Brexit and most recently covid-19… I felt ready to accept the challenge.

After previous roles where I’d regretted keeping quiet about concerns, in this instance, I used the ‘I’m new here’ card to ask infinite amounts of questions about strategic objectives, user needs and long term vision of the product. 4 weeks into the project, the decision was made to move me into the internal Product Owner role…

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This week marks the end of my time at NHSX after an intense but meaningful 5 months supporting the fight against COVID-19. I believe we grow when we were challenged, there were 3 standout moments

It would be amiss not to mention the people I’ve worked with at NHSX. They have shown exceptional displays of resilience, intelligence, humility and determination to deliver with user-centred design principles.

When I joined in February, all those MANY months ago, it was a very different world. We were working on spend controls and assurance which doesn’t sound very gripping but we were making some…

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Over the last 4 weeks, our small team have been looking at standards and interoperability in adult social care. We’re calling this a discovery, for want of a better word, but the reality is that we’re not starting a narrative from the beginning — we’ve joined it late, speaking to people who have lived and breathed interoperability for years and years. I hope our work, whatever we call it, can coherently articulate the collective needs from the sector to NHSX in what will be the start of the story.

What I’ve been up to

Here’s our activity from the last…

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I worked at the Department for International Trade (DIT) during Brexit before working for NHSX when a global pandemic hits. I don’t know if I follow chaos, or chaos follows me — you be the judge, here’s my first week note!

I decided it’s about time I start reflecting and sharing my experiences. I want to invite and be invited to more discussion from like-minded people. I constantly crave big conversations about big topics so I hope to tap into a community of like-minded people through Medium and beyond.

A little bit about me

I’m a content designer by trade, I love it, but I…

Who would’ve thought that 2016 could rob of us so many great and wonderful people? I guess I never thought it would rob me of my very own hero. The other day I told you a story about the little things. This is a story which celebrates the life and times of a man who showed me how to properly get through a bottle of red.

When filling a glass with red wine, be sure to fill right up to the top

Do you know your neighbours? When was the last time you saw them? Would you notice them if they were gone? My family home in Southend-on-sea is located on a street where everyone knows…

As we all hang up our new calendars and take down the Christmas decorations, it’s pretty easy to get nostalgic about the year gone by. Perhaps in this collective nostalgia we find anger, despair or regret and we project our hopes and ambitions onto the next 12 months with fingers and toes crossed for the good times to come back.

We all have stories from the year gone by which we talk to friends about over a coffee or share on social media; they could be hilarious, raunchy or just plain ridiculous. They might be stories you shared over the…


Passionate about product design, user experience, people, leadership and the magical art of coaching

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